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The Sixth season of Snowfall has been confirmed and will be the final season of the series. There is currently no release date or episode count as of yet.

Plot Synopsis

Franklin, on his own accord, has left the game and chose to walk away but at the cost of his money being hijacked by Teddy, and now Louie and Jerome have officially cut ties with him. Franklin now has to make friends and allies with those who tried to kill him and those who do not share America's interest, while fully proving he isn't done with the game. Teddy managed to hack Franklin's accounts and received the funding he needed to defeat the Communists in Nicaragua once and for all, however his plans are derailed when the woman he loves is kidnapped and Avi is killed, leaving him to find another arms supplier. Gustavo, on the other hand, is now in the custody of the DEA, just as he was prepared to skip town with his family.