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"For those people down there and for us here it's important. If we win this war we can change the course of history. And this war, we can win."
Teddy McDonald

Theodore 'Teddy' E. McDonald is one of three protagonists on the show and a former CIA officer in the war against communism.


He was assigned to aid the Contra fighters in Central America after another agent, Logan Miller, died from accidental overdose of cocaine and takes over his secret operations along with Alejandro Usteves in funding foreign insurgents in the war against the Communists. They partook in smuggling in Colombian cocaine through the Southern border and sold in bulk to various crime syndicates like the Israeli, run by Avi Drexler and sold to Lucia Villanueva and Pedro Nava, who were seeking to start a business venture outside the Villanueva Cartel. Teddy soon discovered how far Alejandro would go to keep their operation discreet, especially after learning of him murdering 3 ladies who witnessed Logan's death. When Victoria arrived in LA to find her sister, Kristen, and discovered she was posting flyers of her sister around, Alejandro saw her as a problem and declared her a loose end, yet Teddy suggested an alternative without killing her. He masqueraded as a random guy looking for a woman friends with Kristen and was able to get close to Victoria, only to place constant roadblocks in front of her. After failing to throw her off the trail and letting her discover images of Alejandro with her sister, Alejandro got impatient and decided to take matters in his own hands by killing her. As a result, Teddy killed Alejandro, cut up their bodies, stuffed their body parts into suitcases, and buried them into the desert.

With his pilot dead, Teddy returned to Kansas City to recruit his brother, Matt McDonald, a Vietnam war veteran and combat pilot. Teddy decided to pick up where he last left off with Alejandro and continue the pipeline with 2 Cali Cartel brothers Diego and Danilo. He even started a pipeline by becoming a plug for Franklin Saint after learning he was being supplied his product by Avi and showed his some ropes in furthering his business. There have been issues with various missed drops, courtesy of a DEA operation happening in LA, and the relationship with Diego and Danilo went quickly downhill as they kidnapped Matt, held him hostage, and drugged him with their cocaine, until Teddy got the situation under control clarified they are good to go. He was able to shake the DEA, while at the same time sacrificing the Cali Cartel boys to them, however, he came face to face with Lorena Cardenas, a DEA agent who was undercover in the Villanueva Cartel, and offered her some work in funding the Contra war after ruining her op. She agreed, but on the condition that they deal in cocaine, nothing else. Teddy also wanted her to recant her statement about Franklin killing Kevin Hamilton, and of course she did, much to her dismay.


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"Business is only as good as the people you work with."
— Teddy's advice to Franklin after completing their first deal. (Prometheus Rising)


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